Hummingbirds: How to Attract and Feed with a Backyard Habitat  Kindle Edition

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Hummingbirds. Such a fascinating bird species that captivate anyone who has ever seen one to learn more about these “jewels of the sky”.

In “Hummingbirds: How To Attract And Feed With A Backyard Habitat” you will discover…

  • About 12 different hummingbird species frequently seen in North America
  • Best ways to attract and feed hummingbirds through feeders and flowers
  • Our hummingbird nectar recipe that will continue to bring hummers back
  • And much more

The Hummingbird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Hummingbirds

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Attract amazing hummingbirds to your backyard! With this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide, you’ll find it easy to attract these tiny jewel-like birds to your own yard. The Stokes Hummingbird Book provides all the information you need to bring hummingbirds up close, identify them, and understand their fascinating and varied behavior. The book includes: * Range maps and full-color photographs to help you identify and locate hummingbirds * Information on how to select the proper feeders, what to use in them, when to put them up, and when to take them down * Advice on what flowers to plant to attract hummingbirds in your part of the country * Amazing facts about hummingbirds, such as how fast they fly and how much they weigh * Guidelines for photographing hummingbirds * Complete information on hummingbird behavior, including flight displays, breeding habits, and feeding * A special section on attracting orioles, with photographs and behavior guides for each of the eight species found in North America * A resource list for hummingbird supplies.



Stokes Beginner’s Guide to Hummingbirds

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A pocket-size, brilliantly colorful, simple-to-use guide tohummingbirds, containing dozens of full-color photographs that enable readers of all ages to identify the most common species; range maps; tips on attracting hummingbirds, information on habitat needs, life cycle, food preferences; and much more.