The Best Hummingbird Feeders

What are the best hummingbird feeders?

The best feeders are the ones that are easy to keep clean and that attract hummingbirds. I also personally prefer the gravity fed type feeders with a shallow bottom reservoir. Other types of non-gravity fed feeders will have a deeper container and certain hummingbirds can't reach the nectar when it's below a certain level, resulting in a lot of wasted nectar. 

Most feeders have a lot of red color, as that is the color that most attracts the hummingbirds, so that's usually not an issue. I have yet to find a good gravity fed feeder that uses glass and is still easy to clean. So, I usually go with the cheaper plastic feeders as they are usually easier to clean and not as expensive to replace for any reason.

I have tried many feeders, and still have a variety of feeders, but the majority of the time I leave out 5 or 6 of the pictured First Nature feeders. We have 6 of these, and the hummingbirds love them, and they are easy to take apart, easy to clean, easy to fill, and easy to put back together. The only negatives to these feeders is that the clear plastic upper reservoir is very thin and easy to crack if you squeeze it too hard while trying to attach or remove it from the base. I cracked one of the first ones we bought, but "fixed" it with some clear packing tape, until I learned how to hold it while screwing it in/out of the base. The other negative is that bees and wasps can also get to the nectar through the relatively wide ports, but our bee/wasp population in our backyard garden has been fairly small, so it hasn't affected the hummingbirds. Supposedly there is a version of this feeder with yellow flower like inserts for the feeding ports that can help prevent bees/wasps from reaching the nectar, but I haven't seen those available. 

These come apart very easily. You unscrew the top reservoir, and then twist the bottom section apart for cleaning. You can easily access the entire inside of the bottom reservoir for cleaning. A toothbrush, pipe cleaner (for the feeding ports), and hot water is usually all that's needed to clean these as long as you change and clean them every 2 to 4 days before any black mold can start growing.
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